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An Unbiased View Of Bed Sheets

An Unbiased View Of Bed Sheets

Some people now think bed sheets are unnecessary, as they are underneath blankets and rarely seen. There are important reasons to use bed sheets, and you can easily choose the sheets that are right for you.


Bed Sheets Protect Your Mattress

When you sleep, you perspire. While it can be worse during the hot months of the year, perspiration occurs year-round. If you do not have sheets, perspiration can stain your mattress, and eventually ruin it. Sheets also protect the mattress from dry skin, and hair that falls out while you sleep. Sheets will prolong the lifespan of your mattress, and keep it fresh and sanitary.


Bed Sheets For Personal Hygiene

Cleanliness is important for good health. Dry skin, hair, and perspiration do not lead to a healthy sleeping environment. Sheets that are clean and fresh, washed and changed regularly, will keep your bed hygienic and healthy.


Bed Sheets For Comfort

A good night’s sleep requires a comfortable bed. One way to ensure your comfort is to have your bedding at an appropriate temperature. When you choose sheets that are most appropriate for the season, and the temperature of your room, you can be assured of comfortable, restful sleep each night. From warm flannel to cool cotton, the right material can help you stay comfortable.


Bed Sheets For A Decorative Effect

Even if you make your bed each morning, you will appreciate nice sheets. Perhaps you have a favorite color or pattern, or perhaps you want your sheets to match or contrast with your other bedding. You may like simple, plain sheets, or sheets with a touch of lace. Basic or elegant, neutral or colorful, you can find sheets to match your personal preference. You can even choose sheets with cartoon characters and bold colors for your children. Each time you go to bed at night, you will be happy with your sheets.


Caring For Your Bed Sheets

There is nothing nicer than climbing into bed and finding comfort in freshly washed and dried sheets. If you have not been ill, and do not perspire excessively, washing your sheets once per week should be enough. Check the label on your sheets the first time you wash them. Some fabrics can shrink if they are left in the dryer too long. Unless you see different instructions on the label, bed sheets should be washed in hot water.

An Unbiased View Of Bed Sheets

There Are Different Fabrics For Sheets

You can find flannel, different types of cotton, silk, blended fabrics, and other materials for bed sheets. While price can be an issue, it is generally a matter of personal preference. There are benefits to all bed sheet materials, but blended fabrics are wrinkle-resistant, long-lasting, and inexpensive. With so many options available, you can find the right sheets for everyone in your family. There is something for every age and personal preference.


Bed Sheets Make Nice Gifts, Too

When you are looking for a gift that is personal but not too intimate, consider a set of sheets. As sheets are practical, they can be the ideal gift for many people on your gift lists. A set of sheets is definitely an appropriate choice for wedding and anniversary gifts, housewarming parties, and to present to students who are heading off to college dorms or their first apartments.

With such a wide selection of colors, designs, and fabrics, everyone can have the bed sheets that he or she truly enjoys. No one needs to settle for plain white cotton sheets unless it is what he prefers. Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for that perfect gift, consider a set of sheets. It will make sleeping a healthy, enjoyable experience every night, and your bed will always look nice.

Calliou Bed Sheets

Many children love characters from PBS and Caillou is one of the most popular. Your child can choose Caillou to be a part of his or her bedroom. Walmart, Target, and JC Penney are just a few of the retailers where you can be specialized bedding for your toddler. You can also find Caillou and other characters at the PBS store online at or BedSheetAdvisor – Bed sheets.


Calliou Bed SheetThis toddler set comes with a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and a lightweight comforter. Designed with Caillou graphics, your child is sure to love the colors. Parents, you can have your bedding and other accessories personalized with your child’s name. This will help children with name recognition and learn the alphabet as they share their bedroom with their favorite character.


The Caillou Bedding set received 4 out of 5 stars at Buyers commented that the cotton/polyester blend provided a soft, comfortable feel, and the size was true to fit. Others remarked about the great diversity of choices that would work for boys or girls. Some other likes were the calm colors and list of accessories that could be purchased to complete the bedroom look.


The Caillou Bedding set is designed to fit either a crib mattress or a toddler bed. This item will not fit a twin size bed. All parts of the piece are machine washable but please follow manufacturers instructions for wash and dry. Items can be purchased online and sent to your local store or even to your home address. Additional accessories include rug, plush, curtains and night light. If you purchase Caillou items on, part of the proceeds benefit public television and educational viewing choices. Walmart uses American manufacturers to produce this and other character bedding.

So, give your child the best surprise and buy the Caillou bed set for his or her room. They will enjoy bedtime much more with their favorite character.

What Food Can Lower Blood Pressure?

Most Americans are no strangers to high blood pressure. Either you are currently dealing with it yourself, have experienced it in the past, or you know someone who is trying to lower their own. With highly processed, high-sodium foods ready for us in just minutes at the fast food restaurant just down the block, it’s no wonder the typical American’s lifestyle sets us up for high blood pressure. Thankfully, simple dietary changes can help us manage our numbers. Here are two of them:

Lower Blood Pressure1) Lower your sodium intake. According to the FDA and, Americans consume about 3,400 mg of sodium each day. However, the recommended amount is no more than 2,300 mg. If you’re trying to lower blood pressure, aim for 1,800 mg of sodium or less in a day. Ways to get your sodium intake down include cooking your own meals, opting for whole foods instead of processed foods, and choosing low or reduced sodium options when you do buy packaged items. Eating foods that have natural diuretic effects such as asparagus, dandelion root, oats, and cranberry juice will also help you to lower your blood pressure.

2) Stay hydrated. This goes hand-in-hand with the sodium issue. If you aren’t drinking enough water each day, your body will use the salt you consume to hold onto whatever water is being ingested (this is water retention). This can lead to dehydration, a common culprit of high blood pressure. To ensure you’re getting at least 8 glasses of water in per day, try bringing a glass of water to the table with each meal and carrying a water bottle with you when you go out. Take several sips at red lights. Also, swap out drinks like soda and alcohol for water- you’ll be hydrating yourself and reducing your sodium intake at the same time.

These tips will get you started on the path to lowering your blood pressure. Please remember to consult with a doctor before starting an intense exercise regime or making significant changes in your diet.